on your goals with FlipNotes.
Build your world.
FlipNotes is designed to help you get things done. Each task you create can be timed ⏱ to help you understand how long it takes to get your work done.

Estimate Difficulty

Approximate the time you expect a task to take by changing its difficulty. Keep track of how well you’re performing against your targets.

Add Subtasks

Break tasks down into smaller chunks by adding subtasks.

Due Dates & Reminders

Stay on track by adding due dates and reminders to your tasks. Keep important work at the front of your mind by flagging it.

Write what's on your mind. ✏️

Craft notes in style with our powerful note editor. FlipNotes sports a rich text editor to make your work stand out.
Your all in one workspace.
Use FlipNotes as a simple checklist, a handy note taking app, or a full fledged project manager. 🚀 

Task Management

Get your to do list out of your head and into FlipNotes. Perfect for everything from grocery lists to tracking intensive projects.

Page Templates

FlipNotes comes equipped with a number of page templates that you can embed into your notebooks. Craft notes, write with Apple Pencil, and check off that to do list. 

Get Organized

All of your note pages are arranged in notebooks. Quickly flip through the pages in your notebook. Organize your work with drag and drop.
Insights help you stay on track. 🔥
Keep tabs on your productivity with powerful metrics. Hit your daily goals to keep your streak alive. Challenge yourself and become your most productive self. 🏆📚 
See your day at a glance.
Keep a pulse on your day in the At a Glance tab. View your most pressing tasks, bookmarked notes, and recently edited pages with ease.
Clear your to do list.
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